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HydroMist Anti-Gravity Air Humidifier

HydroMist Anti-Gravity Air Humidifier

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Experience Ultimate Comfort with the HydroMist Anti-Gravity Air Humidifier

  • An ultra-modern, high-tech solution to humidify your space.
  • Ultrasonic defusing technology featuring an anti-gravity design.
  • Reduces airborne particles, leaving behind a fresh and breathable atmosphere.
  • Eases symptoms caused by environmental allergies and common colds.
  • Soothes dry nose, throat and cracked lips.
  • Helps keep skin and hair hydrated.

    Key Features:

    • Unique Visual Effect: captivating mist with a water drop countercurrent visual effect, adding an artistic touch to your space.
    • LED Display: Indicates time.
    • Adjustable Mist: To ensure the perfect amount of humidity that you need for a comfortable environment.

    Additional Details:

     Capacity: Generous 800ml capacity ensures long-lasting mist.

    Power Source: Convenient USB compatibility for easy powering.

    Run Time: Up to 8 hours

    Dimensions: 120*220mm

    Humidification Method: Fine Mist Emission

    Shell Material: Durable ABS

    What's Included:

    1 x HydroMist Anti-Gravity Air Humidifier

    1 x USB Data Cable

     Upgrade your surroundings with the HydroMist Anti-Gravity Air Humidifier, where aesthetics, technology, and well-being converge.

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